Contractors Testimonials

"We are a full service commercial and residential concrete contractor serving the Charleston, SC market area. From site preparation, to footings, slabs, walls and masonry, we are prepared to meet our customer’s requirements. TFSystem is out product of choice for ICF jobs. Their vertical system has been readily adapted by our masonry crews. TFSystem and their local distributor have given excellent support and technical service, allowing us to successfully present the product to the owner and deliver a responsible bid."


- Eric Labarca, President, Red Bay Constructors, Inc., Charleston, SC




"We started using the TF system several years ago in response to a customer's request for a "Green Home".  We have found several advantages that have made us more competitive than our competitors.  First, we no longer have to wait on a concrete contractor to get our basements put in. Instead of us having dead time between jobs we are able to start the next home on our schedule not someone else's.  Secondly, if our customer is going to finish the basement, this system allows us to install drywall directly onto the forms. No more framing the walls out afterword or trying to use furring strips and styrofoam later. Next, this system allows us to have more work because we now do the basement concrete work as well as frame the house.  We can do more business without needing to find more customers. Finally, we do not need to own and maintain expensive forms and trucks and equipment.  All we need is a couple of battery saws and drills and we are in business.."



- Jeff Roessner, Roessner Contracting Inc.




"I am always pleased to see a ThermoForm Vertical ICF project when I pull up to a jobsite.  I know that the chances of any trouble with form failure or crooked walls is almost totally eliminated by contractors using ThermoForms. With my 30 years of concrete experience I am amazed at how much improvement the vertical ICF forms have been."


- Rick Gazella, Gazella Concrete Pumping, Pulaski, WI




"I am writing this letter to let you know how much I appreciate our business relationship over the past 10 years. When I came up to that first training session in Sturgeon Bay, I realized that TF System had  a great product that I could successfully use in my construction business. Since that time, I have been well pleased, not only with the product, but with the ability to meet my schedules, and the technical backup provided. Your people have never let me down and I can't begin to tell you how important that is to me. I have used a lot of your construction materials in the past decade and look forward to another 10+ years of business together."


- Patt Burgess, Burgess Basements, Inc. Iron Mtn, MI




"I have been purchasing ThermoForm ICF materials from your company since 2005. I have been very pleased with the level of service provided. The product was delivered when I needed it and any issues I may need an answer to are immediately taken care of. I am particularly impressed with the knowledge of the technical people as they have construction backgrounds and know the product well. Together we have been able to overcome each and every design challenge my company has faced when forming concrete walls with ICF. Thanks for providing a great product and excellent service!"


- David Kozial, Kozial Construction, Sheldon, WI  




"I would like to take this opportunity to Thank You for the level of service, on-site training and supervision provided your company representatives during our recent Habitat for Humanity project in Shawano, WI. Your foundation system, in combination with DOW Styrofoam, will provide the family with a dry, comfortable, energy efficient living area for years to come. Our Wolf River HFH Chapter looks forward to dedicating this house in June."


- Ted Foster, Construction Supervisor; HfH Wolf River, Shawano WI

TF Customer’s Testimonials

Project Profile: Slack Residence 

● Location: Charleston, SC

● Product: ThermoForm

● Why TF: Hurricane Resistance, Energy Efficiency, Low Maintenance 

Note: The Slack Residence was a finalist for ICF Builder's Magazine "Concrete Home of the Year" Award


"In my role as Owner/Builder, I had the desire to build my retirement home with a complete concrete envelope. The drivers behind this desire was the experience of living in concrete homes for 16 years while living in Asia, coupled with the concern about hurricanes and earthquakes in Charleston, SC, and the benefits of such construction on energy consumption. These design criteria led me to select TF Forming Systems' Vertical ICF foam concrete forms for all the walls in the structure. For the horizontal pours, I used a complimentary foam product to support the first floor pom and the flat roof pour. I can't say enough about the superior features delivered by the vertical foam product design. The advantages include better control in achieving plumb and straight walls while using less lumber to stabilize the structure during the pouring of concrete. This is also true of TF Systems' uniquely designed corner forms. Their I-beam structural frames that are installed to hold the foam in place perfectly replicates the normal stud spacing for easy attachment of dry wall on the inside and any normal exterior product that might be selected. These three separate components (vertical foam, corner foam and I-beams) form the system for which the company draws its name and delivers to the market a superior product for building a concrete home."                        


-Richard Slack, Builder/Owner

Project Profile: Hinke Residence

● Location: Wisconsin  

● Product: ThermoForm

"We are so satisfied with the TF product and installation crew that we can't wait to do our next home with TF and Kozial Constuction Inc." Richard & Darlene Hinke February 2011 "It’s evident the product is designed for installation convenience. If your familiar with ICF products you will note right away how TF differs from other ICF’s is the panel system."   


- Mike Mullins Construction Foreman Kozial Construction Inc

Project Profile: Planet Fitness 

● Builder: Premier Construction Group, Inc.  

● Location: Green Bay, WI  

● Product: ThermoForm  

Why TF: Energy Efficiency, Speed of Construction, Cold Weather Concrete Placement, Ease and Ability to build 20ft+ tall walls Originally designed to use a well known block ICF system, Premier instead used ThermoForm to shorten their construction frame time to reduce exposure to poor winter conditions, while saving 47% on labor to install and complete the ICF portion of the project. The shortened time frame also allowed their client to open the 19,850 sq ft building for business earlier, increasing revenue while reducing loan and building costs.

"From a contractors standpoint, it is a very simple and intuitive system. I'm amazed by the different styles of installation that can be used with this system, and all are extremely efficient...The fact that this system can be easily panelized into 20’ sections is a testimonial to its ease of assembly." David Kozial President Kozial Construction Inc. - Kozial trained on Planet Fitness site "TF forms are the most efficient and convenient because walls can be pre-assembled before arrival to site or panelized on site, allowing us to have walls being assembled and installed at the same time... Another positive feature about the special design of the TF Forms is the continual access to the interior side of the ICF for all the other trades and contractors." 


-Mike Mullins Construction Foreman Kozial Construction Inc - Kozial trained on Planet Fitness site

Project Profile: Maher Residence - Winner of the Wisconsin Ready Mix Concrete Association Design Award 


● Location: Wisconsin 


● Product: ThermoForm 


● Why TF: Low energy costs and providing the maximum amount of living space on a medium-sized lot 


● Constructed for under $100/sq ft 

"The straight floor-to-ceiling walls, integral structure and great reduction in total length of joints is tough to beat." 


- David F. Maher