Panelized ICF Walls

Many would like to see insulated concrete forms as a replacement for regular cast in place , tilt up and CMU projects . Panelized ICF (insulated concrete forms ) are able to withstand wind speeds of over 200 m.p.h., cut utility bills in half -which on a large project like a school or commercial office building can be over $10,000.00/ month in savings .

Insulated concrete forms offer extremely long life with little or no maintenance . ICF ,as it is called in the industry , also has a 4 hour burn rate . A wall that is structural and fireproof is a dream for engineers , architects, and insurance adjusters . Many insurance companies give large discounts for using insulated concrete forming because of the fireproofing and lowered maintenance cost.

AEC Wall Systems in Springfield Missouri pre builds ICF forms from Fox Blocks into ICF wall panels and then ships them to the construction site . This method of installing ICF is becoming known as Panelized ICF. It makes ICF installation fast , accurate and more economical.

Any cast concrete , Tilt up or CMU wall can be built as Panelized ICF .

Panelized ICF completes many scopes of work in one step

- a poured in place concrete wall- any height ,length , width

- framing built into the insulated concrete form-for attaching exterior /interior finishes

- a continuous solid exterior insulation of minimum R28 ,not like the thermal break from studs

and headers of most exterior walls

AEC Wall Systems builds ICF wall panels in a factory setting. Panelized ICF can speed up a construction schedule by providing detailed shop drawings and site installation plans for simple installation of the insulated concrete form panel . AEC's simple installation system is easy to understand and can be used by less experienced workers . The ICF wall panels can be pre built weeks before they are needed on site .

AEC Wall Systems is reaching out to other ICF installers and concrete contractors to learn their system. When the ICF walls are factory pre built by others it allows the installers to complete the job much faster. The installers of the ICF panels only install full sized panels, there is little if any cutting or building of the walls or bucks in the field.Panelizing insulated concrete forms is proving to be very effective.

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