Energy Efficient Home Trends: Home Automation

We’re always looking for new trends in the energy efficient home market. Home automation is quickly becoming an awesome way to save energy every year.

Home Automation: The Awesome New Trend For An Energy Efficient Home

Everyone has seen one of those commercials where you clap and the lights turn on or off. It was definitely a nifty trick at the time, but home automation has come an extremely long way. There’s a ton of different ways to get a more energy efficient home and home automation is fast becoming one of the best and coolest ways to conserve energy.

What is Home Automation?

Essentially, home automation turns your home into a “Smart Home.” There are various different things you can do to make your home more automated. With home automation there’s no specific method, you can do a little or you can do a lot. Usually, a smart home has a central computer that controls all of the functions. Many of these systems come with an application for your phone or computer. This way you can control all aspects of your automated home from the comfort of your couch. This ease of use makes it much easier to have an energy efficient home.

What Kind Of Things Can I Do With Home Automation?

This is the fun part. With home automation, there are a ton of different options to give you a more energy efficient home. You can:

  • Automate your lighting system, turn them on and off from your device. You can even dim them

  • Set your blinds to open and close based on whether it’s day or night

  • Lock all of your doors, so if you leave the house and forget you can just lock them from your phone

  • Control and set your thermostat

  • Play music if you have speakers set up

  • Turn your tv on and off and use your device as a remote

These are just some examples, there are a ton more to explore.

Home Automation is Cool, But What Are the Efficiency Benefits?

So how does all of this give you a more energy efficient home? The simple answer that home automation affords you control. With control over every energy using aspect of your home, you can regulate how much you use. With the simple click of a button, you can turn off every light in your house. Or you can dim the lights to use less energy. Forget to turn off the AC after you left for work? No problem, just turn it off on your phone. In short, it makes being energy efficient much more...well, efficient! Plus, turning the lights on automatically in front of your friends still makes you look cool.

Alternative Energy Construction is constantly looking for ways to help our customers be greener. If you would like more information on sustainable living and having an energy efficient home, contact us today.

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