Options for Insulated Concrete Wall Forms: Transform and Thermoform

There are several options for insulated concrete wall forms. Both are very efficient, but what’s best for you? Call Alternative Energy Construction today.

Learn about the different options for insulated concrete wall forms

It’s easy to see how much value insulated concrete wall forms create for your building project. With their strength and energy efficiency, it’s an easy decision to use them in construction. Alternative Energy Construction utilizes the best in insulated concrete wall form technology, using their Transform and Thermoform systems. Both of these systems afford many of the same benefits, but it’s important to know the differences. So the only question is, which one is best for you?

Transform Insulated Concrete Wall Form Systems

Transform is typically used for commercial building projects. Transform is an insulated concrete wall form system that can really put the minds of business owners at ease. When building a commercial property, you want it to be built to last. Transform is able to consistently resist winds of up to 200 mph due to the reinforced concrete build. This insulated concrete wall form technology is also much more consistent and energy friendly than traditional construction. Quality control is a big advantage of using a system like this, which makes sure your commercial property will last through the years. This can save a commercial property a lot of money in the long run.

Thermoform Insulated Concrete Wall Form Systems

Thermoform is very similar to Transform, with a few key differences. First, thermoform is more advanced in technology and is primarily used in the construction of residential buildings. The big difference with Thermoform is that it has an extreme amount of flexibility. It can be made to have more detail and structural flourishes. Things such as arches can be made using Thermoform. Thermoform includes the added benefit of being extremely soundproof. It also is resistant to pests and will never rot. In short, Thermoform makes it possible to have a beautiful home that has the highest amount of structural integrity and energy efficiency possible.

Usually, people are most worried about the cost of insulated concrete wall forms when building their new home. Typically “environmentally friendly” makes people automatically think high cost. Well, think again because Thermoform allows for much faster construction, saving time and money. In addition to this, it increases quality control by a considerable margin. So what you’re looking at is a system that not only saves you time and money, it gives you the most structurally sound and environmentally friendly home possible. To learn more about this win-win situation, call Alternative Energy Construction before building for more information on insulated concrete wall forms.

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