How HELIX by Polytorx Benefits the Construction of Eco-Friendly Homes

HELIX by Polytorx is a breakthrough in reinforcing structures with more benefits than traditional rebar. Contact Alternative Energy today for a quote.

Using HELIX in the Construction of Eco-Friendly Homes

Traditional home framing. Brick-and-mortar. Timber frame. Little grass shack. Mud-and-straw adobe. These are all common homebuilding terms of different regions and times.

Traditional home building materials have varied throughout history and by locale. Some structures have been built by homeowners with friends and neighbors, such as an Amish barn raising, while others are erected by professional general contractors or large construction companies. Durability has always been paramount in the mind of home builders. Regrettably, in the 21st century, traditional home building materials no longer meet the demands of informed homeowners seeking to build sustainable, energy-efficient, eco-friendly homes.

The Need for Structural Soundness and Energy Efficiency

With the ever-increasing threat of severe, destructive weather, as well as increasing energy costs and demands, more and more homeowners are seeking to build eco-friendly homes that are considered to be durable, sustainable architecture, yet also “green” and LEED certified. One way to meet these environmentally friendly requirements, especially increasing strength and durability of a home, is by using HELIX, also known as Twisted Steel Micro Rebar (TSMR).

What is HELIX?

HELIX, simply put, is micro-rebar made of small, twisted steel pieces with four times the tensile strength of ordinary rebar and one-third of the weight. HELIX was originally developed in the lab for the US Army Corps of Engineer as an alternative to traditional rebar for blast applications where traditional rebar was neither resilient nor easy to use. The addition of HELIX to concrete construction applications such as insulated concrete wall forms significantly increases strength and durability - which are hallmarks of sustainable architecture.

How can HELIX Benefit Eco-Friendly Home Construction?

The application of HELIX into concrete applications in the construction of eco-friendly homes not only increases the strength of the concrete wall or foundation, it can also save the home builder money! Helix requires no special training or equipment to use and can be poured into the concrete mixer on site, at the time of mixing. Because of its small size and ease of use, HELIX can also be laser leveled and reduces construction time.

Alternative Energy Construction and HELIX

As the Midwest’s leading sustainable building construction company, building energy efficient homes and commercial buildings, Alternative Energy Construction LLC is committed to providing clients with green building products and methods. The addition of HELIX to our concrete formed walls increases wall durability by 40%, which raises to 50% after the concrete is fully cured, creating a wall or foundation that is more durable and crack resistant - an important consideration when building in Tornado Alley!

The addition of HELIX to our formed concrete products also reduces construction time by eliminating the need to lay traditional rebar by hand and ensures greater accuracy in placing the HELIX reinforced pieces, saving the homeowner both time and money.

Contact our experienced professionals at Alternative Energy Construction LLC to discuss your eco-friendly home today!

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