Why Eco-Friendly Flooring helps Sustainable Architecture

Eco-friendly flooring is one aspect of sustainable architecture. Contact Alternative Energy Construction for more information about eco-friendly floors.

Sustainable Architecture means Eco-Friendly Flooring

“My old wood floor just wore out, the carpet faded and the vinyl in the powder room had a path worn into it. Now that we are building a new home, how can we find flooring that is long lasting, beautiful and not a drain on the environment?”

Thanks to the effect of gravity, we can’t really live without something underneath us, whether it’s the warm earth beneath our feet or the floors inside our homes and buildings.

Flooring is one aspect of a structure that receives the harshest treatment, being constantly walked on with everything from bare toddler feet to high heels, work boots and Fido’s muddy paws.

Flooring that is not only durable but environmentally friendly is a hallmark of sustainable architecture and a requirement for modern consumers who are concerned with the effects of flooring manufacture on the environment, as well as the source of flooring material. Flooring for the 21st century must meet the high standards of being constructed from a material that is either being recycled, comes from a quickly growing, sustainable natural resource or is from another environmentally friendly natural resource.

How to Determine If a Flooring Product is Eco-Friendly

While there appears to be an infinite variety of flooring products on the market, not all of them meet the definition of eco-friendly flooring. Fortunately for the consumer, many manufacturers are now LEED certified, which means that rigorous standards set by the U.S. Green Building Council have been met by the manufacturer and their product. Manufacturer websites generally show the level of LEED Certification obtained by the company.

What is LEED Certification?

In 1993, the US Green Building Council was established to promote a focus on sustainable architecture methods in the building and construction industry. Out of this effort was born the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification program, which has become the global standard in green building certification. The LEED certification ensures that the standards of green building have been met and is recognized worldwide.

Flooring Materials that Fit the Model of Sustainable Architecture

Some questions that consumers can ask themselves about eco-friendly flooring are:

  • Are the raw materials sustainable? Do they come from easily harvested raw materials such as bamboo, or are the raw materials something that is being recycled?

  • Is the manufacturing process energy efficient?

  • What level of LEED certification does the manufacturer have?

Finding a Green Construction Company

Navigating all of the details of building a home or other edifice meeting the demands of sustainable architecture can be daunting. Finding a contractor who specializes in sustainable architecture and eco-friendly home building can make the journey to a new, energy efficient home or building much easier!

Alternative Energy Construction LLC is the Midwest’s leading construction company specializing in green building methods. Our experienced engineers, architects and construction managers are ready to assist you in planning a sustainable building to meet all your building needs.

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