The Importance of Sustainable Building Construction

Sustainable building practices are an innovative way to reduce the impact of new buildings on the environment and protect the Earth for future generations.

What is Sustainable Building?

Sustainable building, also known as green building, is the idea that the construction of new structures in the 21st century, whether residential or industrial, should be resource-efficient and environmentally responsible throughout that structure’s life cycle. Sustainable building practices, or High Performance Building, takes classical building design concerns to the next level by seeking environmentally sound solutions, ranging from choosing the building site to resource-efficient construction, operation and maintenance of the structure, renovation, and eventual deconstruction of the building.

Why Invest in Sustainable Building?

No longer is man’s impact on the Earth unnoticeable.

In modern times, the population of the earth has swollen to over seven billion people, and this population increase - coupled with advances in technology and lifestyle changes - have measurably stressed the Earth’s energy and environmental resources. In some areas, the stress has pushed the resources to the breaking point. We know this because of the sure and steady rise in energy and raw material prices worldwide. All of these factors have created the need for sustainable, alternative, energy-and-resource-saving construction methods.

According to Professor Eric Pallant, Chair of Environmental Sciences at Allegheny College,

“The future health of the planet and protection of the global environment begins with the construction of sustainable homes using energy efficient, eco-friendly materials." Green or sustainable building practices offer residential or industrial consumers the opportunity to build energy efficient yet durable, eco-friendly homes or other structures, extending throughout the structure’s life cycle.

How Can I Build an Eco-Friendly Home or Structure?

Constructing a sustainable, eco-friendly residence or commercial building is neither difficult nor expensive. The challenge lies in becoming educated in the products available that ensure sustainability as well as adhering to the current standards which identify a structure as a green building. Building green can actually save the owner time and money in the short run of construction as well in the long run, over the life of the structure!

But how does a busy homeowner or commercial building owner learn all there is to learn about sustainable architecture in a timely fashion? That’s where an educated and experienced construction firm such as Alternative Energy Construction LLC comes in.

Alternative Energy Construction LLC, the Midwest’s leading sustainable building construction company is prepared to lead a prospective building owner through the maze of sustainable building options by carefully examining your construction needs to determine the best construction products for your job, keeping your project LEED certified. Alternative Energy Construction LLC’s construction engineers will make sure your green building project saves you time and money by using modern eco-friendly products and methods.

Contact Alternative Energy Construction, LLC today to discuss your upcoming sustainable building needs.

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