Tax Incentives for Building Eco-Friendly Homes

Building eco-friendly homes is not as expensive as one might think. Read our blog for more information on tax incentives and grants for green building.

Building Eco-Friendly Homes Comes with Tax Incentives

It’s exciting when people decide to build their own homes, but if they decide to go the sustainable building route and make them eco-friendly homes, this excitement turns to empowerment. With the state of our planet, any decision to reduce one’s carbon footprint is honorable; even the government has created incentives and rewards for those who opt for green building.

Tax Incentives for Green Building

There are both state and federal tax incentives to encourage sustainable building. These incentives are offered for specific levels of green certification and for both short and long-term goals. From income tax to property tax, sales tax, and local tax, allowances have been made to reward those who opt for building eco-friendly homes.

Expedited Permit Process

Both for the owner of the home and construction company, there are other ways that the government encourages green building. One aspect of that is the expedited permit process. This may sound like a trivial issue but can save substantial amounts of time and money. Permit streamlining allows jurisdictions the ability to increase tax revenue while making valuable resources available to the community.

This is an important reason to choose a construction company that is experienced with sustainable architecture. A construction company like Alternative Energy Construction has a full understanding of the green rating systems utilized locally. Choosing a contractor that is not knowledgeable or seasoned with green building may cost you additional time and money.


Many are deterred from the idea of building eco-friendly homes with the idea that it is unaffordable. Not only are “green premiums” dissipating and eco-friendly homes are becoming more affordable, many jurisdictions offer grants to help offset the costs of energy efficient homes and green building. This incentive offers jurisdictions the ability to emphasize certain features, from HVAC systems to photovoltaics and water systems.

Other Incentives to Build Eco-Friendly Homes

From reduced interest rates on loans to green upgrade coverage with insurance, there are endless other options to explore that help with the costs of green building. Making the decision to build an eco-friendly home is one that will benefit you, but it will also benefit the environment, which is something that the government can get behind.

Alternative Energy Construction is experienced with the ins and outs of green building. We can help you navigate the process to land your eco-friendly dream home. With our experience in sustainable architecture, we can build a home that you love while also taking every step toward environmental responsibility.

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