Preventing Moisture Problems with ICF Block Construction

ICF Block Construction keeps out moisture in your home or office building. Protect your structures from mold and mildew. Read our blog for more information

ICF Block Construction and Moisture

Building your dream home is exciting, but all of the excitement can wear off quickly if you don’t take preventative steps in the building process to avert damage to your new home. One of the best ways you can do that is with ICF block construction.

The Threat of Moisture to Home Structures

If you live in a climate with a great deal of moisture or excess humidity, there is a strong possibility that moisture could enter through the building envelope and create the potential for mold and mildew to rot into the framing and even the drywall of your home. This moisture can create problems that affect the value of your home and potentially even your health.

Climate is not the only source of this moisture. Sometimes, even materials used during construction contribute to the moisture problem (35 gallons per cubic yard in a standard mix). Other components could be wet framing materials, drywall mud and paint, condensation or improper detailing of wall openings, such as doors and windows.

The good news: There’s a simple solution. Alternative Energy Construction takes pride in the ability to protect buildings from mold and moisture with ICF block construction. ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) is an incredibly valuable precaution in the sustainable building process, giving eco-friendly homes protection against the compromise and destruction of moisture damage. ICF cures in a slower manner than concrete placed as slabs or removable forms, and it will keep moisture from permeating the structure of your home.

ICF Block Construction Seals Out Moisture

ICF block construction has become more and more popularized over the past decade and has proven effective, with zero moisture problems when designed well. It is important that a construction company familiar with sustainable building and with ICF block construction handles your ICF design and implementation, as inexperience and lack of strategy can render the ICF ineffective.

Alternative Energy Construction is well seasoned in green building and has extensive experience with ICF block construction; not only will we discuss the preventative action of ICF with you, we will take precautions every step of the way that many construction companies would not think to. We honor your choice for green building when constructing your home, so we will do everything we can to ensure the quality of the construction remains uncompromised.

We are professionals who will not miss a step in locking the moisture out and protecting your home from the damage that it can cause. Alternative Energy Construction would love to make your dream home a reality. Contact us today to get started!

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