How Sustainable Architecture Impacts You

Sustainable architecture can increase protection, decrease energy & provide a stable environment. View the Alternative Energy Construction blog for more.

How Sustainable Architecture Can Change Your Life

When looking to build a house or business, it is beneficial to invest in your future with a green building by using Alternative Energy Construction. In order to know how sustainable architecture impacts you, it is important to know what sustainable architecture is.

Defining Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable architecture tries to minimize possible environmental effects while also using resources responsibly throughout the life cycle of the building. Sustainable architecture also looks into the choosing of locations, the supplies used and energy efficiency.

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) Protection

LEED certified homes have learned from experience that a homeowner’s situation can quickly be changed by Mother Nature. You can help your building become properly protected from the elements with a proper construction company using insulated concrete wall forms.

Disaster resistant buildings can protect against winds up to 200 mph. The sustainable architecture makes your building both hurricane and tornado resistant. Using ICF block construction makes a building resistant to earthquakes, which can give peace of mind to residential homeowners in active locations.

These eco-friendly homes also add protection from fire. Concrete doesn’t contribute as a fuel source for a fire and can ultimately help save a building’s life. In cases of flooding, ICF houses have stood against floods where neighboring houses have been destroyed.

Fossil Fuel Dependencies

Using insulated concrete wall forms installed by a company like Alternate Energy Construction can reduce a building's heating and air conditioning cost by almost half when compared to normal houses. Less heating and cooling needs reduce the amount of energy needed from fossil fuels to heat and cool a building.

Buildings That Last

Sustainable architecture should also be considered for buildings that you want to last. While most homes age quickly, and within a few decades you may be looking at costly repairs, ICF block construction helps make buildings that will last for centuries.

Interior wood is usually fairly contained and protected, but over time can become degraded due to termites or water damage. Wood damage can be a very costly process and certainly takes time to fix. Sustainable architecture using insulated concrete forms do not have the same limitations that wood does, insuring a longer living building.

Lessoning Wallet Impact

Not all benefits of sustainable architecture are purely for helping the environment. While energy efficient homes help reduce global emissions, they also reduce monthly utility bills. Using eco-friendly homes can greatly reduce utility costs over the entire length of the building. Repair costs in the long run will also be lower with insulated concrete wall forms. In addition, the government offers incentives to build eco-friendly homes that reduce the amount you will have to pay.

Enjoying a Peaceful Nights Rest

Insulated concrete wall forms help keep the noise level lower compared to other wall building materials. These insulated walls not only give you relief from the person snoring in the next room but also helps prevent noises from the block party coming from the street. Noise levels are measured by sound transmission class (STC) that require buildings to have a level of 45 or above, with the maximum level being 55. Insulated concrete wall forms range from a 48-58 with no extra insulation. A peaceful nights rest in a naturally cooler house is a hard deal to beat!

If you would like more information on sustainable architecture, contact our experts at Alternative Energy Construction.

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