Indoor Air Quality and Green Building

Curious about green building projects and how they affect indoor air quality? Read this Alternative Energy Construction blog post for additional details.

Green building practices can improve your indoor air quality.

At Alternative Energy Construction, our goal is to create longstanding structures which raise energy efficiency, while simultaneously reducing costs of upkeep. We do this by utilizing a number of advanced products and systems to give our clients eco-friendly alternatives to traditional building methods.

Within this green building construct, we also factor indoor air quality into our builds. Air quality is not something which most people are ignorant of, but this generally relates to outdoor air quality. When it comes to the condition of oxygen within your home or office building, you might be shocked to find that traditional building methods can create quite a hazard for your lungs.

Understanding Green Building

The green building initiative revolves around the process of creating sustainable architecture, which both reduces the need for ongoing repairs and rebuilds, as well as the output of unnecessary energy. In the past, companies have used chemical sealants, harmful insulation materials and building supplies which have short lifespans. This is bad for the environment and also bad for the lifespan of your home or office.

Here at Alternative Energy Construction, we use products such as TransForm Insulated Concrete Wall Forms, which has stood through tests using the application of 200 mph winds. We also utilize Helix, a micro-rebar formula, which offers 50% higher wall durability after it is cured than other rebar products. Helix is also more crack resistant and durable than alternative rebar solutions and takes less time to apply.

What Our Products Do for Air Quality

Using the above mentioned products in our building projects not only reduces time spent on creation, and the durability of each structure, but it also produces a green building with better air quality. The chemicals and hazardous materials used in the construction of traditional builds leads to the circulation of chemicals and debris in the air. You may not see or smell it, but this doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Of course, air testing can greatly help pinpoint the exact cause of poor indoor air quality, but with Alternative Energy Construction, your need for this service will decrease greatly. Using green materials means cleaner air, both during construction and after.

For more information on the green building initiative and how our products can increase the indoor air quality in your residential or commercial structure, contact us today. A friendly member of the Alternative Energy Construction staff is standing by to take your call.

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