Costs and Benefits of ICF Block Construction

ICF block construction is a reliable form of green building. Find out more about the costs and benefits of this sustainable building technique on our blog.

Curious about ICF block construction? Find out more.

Building a new home requires more than simply planning the overall design. You will also need to understand the costs and benefits of each type of construction method in order to get the most out of your property investment. One method that is currently seen in many sustainable architecture projects is ICF block construction. If you are new to the concept of insulated concrete wall forms, it is time to find out more about the costs and benefits of ICF block construction.

What is ICF block construction?

ICF block construction is a form of sustainable architecture that uses insulated concrete forms, or ICFs. These forms feature built-in insulation designed for accepting reinforced concrete. The blocks were first patented back in the late 1960’s and have quickly become the preferred material when constructing a sustainable building. ICFs are large, hollow blocks that can be stacked easily and filled with reinforcing bar and concrete material. The final result is a strong and durable, long-lasting wall that is fully insulated, structurally secure, and capable of accepting both exterior and interior finishes.

What are the benefits of ICF block construction?

ICF block construction is the ideal choice when it comes to building eco-friendly homes. Properties that are built with an ICF exterior require less energy to heat and cool than traditional frame style homes. Since the floor systems are hung on the inside of the walls of ICF homes, you get to save even more in energy costs by designing your property above grade. This helps to eliminate the major heat loss that is seen in many of today’s conventional homes.

Other benefits of ICF block construction include:

Design Flexibility

ICF wall systems are capable of supporting various concrete floor and roofing styles so that you can design your home exactly the way you have always imagined. The strong and durable reinforced concrete gives you the ability to be as creative as you wish.


When your home is built using ICF block construction, you won’t experience any cold drafts or odd temperature peaks. Nothing can get through reinforced concrete. This helps you keep your entire home at the same cool or warm comfortable temperature, while also reducing energy costs as well.

Healthy and Safe

A home that has been built with ICF block construction does not have any wood to rot or mold. There are no formaldehydes, HCFCs or CFCs to worry about, and nothing that will disrupt the air for asthma and allergy sufferers. ICF walls have a two hour fire rating, making them much safer than traditional frame walls, and the strong structures are even able to withstand severe winds from heavy storms. This is something to consider if you live in an area prone to hurricanes or tornadoes.


The thick reinforced concrete helps block out unwanted outside noises so that you can enjoy peace and quiet. So if you are building your home near a busy street or do not want to be bothered by noisy neighbors, ICF block construction is an excellent choice.

How much does an ICF block construction home generally cost?

When you consider all of the expenses that go into building a new home, the cost to build an ICF block construction home is only a small amount higher than your conventional wood frame property. On average, the cost is usually around 0.5% to 4% higher. However, when you consider the amount you will save on energy costs throughout the year, the higher price that you pay for construction isn’t much at all.

If you are considering building a new home or green building for your business, count on our LEED certified construction company, specializing in ICF block construction. Give the experts at Alternative Energy Construction a call today for more information on the many ways we can help you build the eco-friendly home of your dreams.

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