Could Your Sustainable Building Benefit from Radiant Floors?

Radiant flooring is frequently used in the construction of a sustainable building. Find out more about how it works and its benefits here on our blog.

Read about the benefits of radiant floors for sustainable building.

If you are interested in making your home or place of business more energy efficient, then you should consider radiant floor heating. This innovative flooring solution is becoming more and more popular with sustainable building owners across the nation as more homeowners and business owners learn about the benefits of this alternative option.

It seems like the perfect solution; heating your home from the ground up, enjoying warm floors on those cold winter mornings and reaping the benefits of lower energy costs. But what do we really know about radiant floor heating? Here are the facts.

Choose the Right Type for Best Results

There are three different types of radiant floors that can be used in a sustainable building: those that are sourced by hot air, electricity or hot water. Hot air radiant floors are known for being the least energy efficient while hot water or hydronic radiant floors are the most efficient. This type of sustainable heat works by heating water in a boiler that is later pumped through long flexible tubing. The tubing can be fitted into subfloor panels, making it easy to install as well.

Silent Heating

Radiant floor heating is quieter than traditional heating. You will not hear the typical clanks and creaks that are often heard with electric heating. In comparison to other forms of heat used for a sustainable building, radiant floors are practically silent.

Even Heat throughout the Sustainable Building

Those who have switched to radiant floor heating enjoy the all-over warming experience that you get from radiant floor heating. With this form of even heat, homeowners can keep their thermostat set at a consistent temperature throughout the season. It is a much better option than having an electrical system that shuts on and off all throughout the day.

Helps Save On High Energy Costs

Radiant floors can also help you save hundreds on your home heating costs. And if you choose a system that has excellent conductivity, you’ll notice that this flooring transfers heat so effectively that it requires less overall energy than its competitors to operate. These systems also cost less down the road because they do not require the water in the pipes to be heated to 140 degrees in order to operate.

If you have additional questions about sustainable building techniques, contact Alternative Energy Construction. We are your local, reliable LEED certified construction company and we can help you transform any existing structure into a green building. Let us help you design your sustainable building from the ground up.

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