Plumbing Solutions for Eco Friendly Homes

Plumbing for eco friendly homes

Creating an eco friendly environment at home requires more than just turning off the lights when you leave a room. As technology advances and people become more aware of the environment, eco friendly homes are becoming more and more common. While you don’t have to build an entirely new home to start heading in that direction, there are other hidden factors keeping your home from being as environmentally conscious as it can be. While you may not even realize it, your plumbing plays an integral role in keeping your home sustainable.

Start with Pipe Construction

Eco friendly homes are largely based on the sustainable building practices put into use when a house is constructed. If you are building a house now, consider going the sustainable route when it comes to your pipes. For example, metal pipes have more recycled materials than PVC plastic, yet are not as energy efficient. If sustainability is your main goal, you should use pipes made of new plastic materials as opposed to chemically altered PVC. These pipes are a little more difficult to come by, but make for great energy efficiency within your plumbing system. Most importantly though, always place your pipes in well-insulated areas to keep your pipes from forming cracks or bursting.

Faucets in Eco Friendly Homes

The kind of faucets used in eco friendly homes are also very important. Many homeowners often overlook aspects like water waste, leaving them with a higher water bill every month. To ensure that you are doing all that you can to conserve water, invest in more efficient faucets that use less water pressure when working. Don’t stop with just one faucet either – consider switching all of your sink faucets, as well as any shower heads used in your home.

Tricks for Outdoor Irrigation

Creating an eco friendly outdoor irrigation system is easier than you might think. There are many kinds of energy efficient sprinklers on the market. These systems often utilized stored rainwater, and even have a censor to know whether or not the grass actually needs water on any given day.

If you already have an outdoor irrigation system, you might also consider investing in a rain saver potted plant. These pots have beautiful flowers on top and catch gallons of rainwater below. This rainwater can then be used to water other plants in your yard, or even for basic cleaning maintenance on the exterior of your house.

Investing time, money, and energy into an eco friendly home is one way you can create a more sustainable future for upcoming generations, and your plumbing is a great place to start.

To learn more about plumbing options for eco friendly homes, contact an LEED Certified construction company like Alternative Energy Construction today.

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