Sustainable Building Trends: What is an Ecovillage?

Learn more about sustainable building in ecovillages.

Green building through eco friendly homes is the basis of a sustainable future. Current building trends are aiming toward a greener future. As society becomes more aware of the dangers associated with ignoring the environment, the idea of energy efficient homes and sustainable building trends are on the forefront of every great construction company in the world. With this shift in perspective, comes a focus on how we can live better, more clean lives. Because of this, ecovillages have started emerging.

What is an ecovillage?

An ecovillage is a community with inhabitants that seek to live in accordance of ecological principles. These communities wish to cause as little impact on the surrounding environment as humanly possible. With a focus on sustainable building for their dwelling places, these communities are some of the most efficient and environmentally aware groups of people in the world. With many ecovillages functioning successfully all over the world, these eco friendly homes are the basis of a sustainable future.

Why are they important?

Ecovillages are important because they create as little impact on their surrounding environment as possible. Taking into consideration climate, vegetation, and animals, these communities try to help the world around them, as opposed to blindly damaging it. Ecovillages are leading the way, so that hopefully one day, all communities can be just as effective in creating positive change.

How do they work?

Ecovillages only work when a group of people are committed to the betterment of the planet. When creating an ecovillage, community members work together to utilize materials found in their immediate area, and then use those pieces to create quality homes that last. Ecovillages make a point of using products that nature provides, and making the most of each piece they have. They also only use what they need, eliminating a large percentage of waste. The lessened turnover rate of building products in ecovillages is a large part of sustaining and maintaining the environment in which they live.

What kinds of sustainable building features are incorporated into homes and buildings?

Those living in ecovillages take a number of factors into consideration when incorporating sustainable building features into their homes. Solar panels are often the choice of energy source since they provide clean energy from the sun. Living rooftops are also a big part of this trend. These rooftops allow for the tops of homes to be transformed into gardens fit for growing vegetables for the community.

Ecovillages are more than just another sustainable building trend. These communities are an important step in creating a better future for the entire world. Learn more about sustainable building practices by contacting Alternative Energy Construction today.

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