Why You Should Consider Using Insulated Concrete Wall Forms

Before you start building, consider Insulated Concrete Wall Forms.

Sustainable architecture is more than a concept – it’s the future. A future that Alternative Energy Construction strives to achieve and protect. Every year, expensive materials and energy are wasted, and hundreds of homes and businesses are lost to Mother Nature. Stand up to Mother Nature and the big energy companies and start saving now! Construction with Insulated Concrete Wall Forms is a little more expensive than traditional, wood frame construction, but instead of investing your hard earned money in traditional construction, take a look at Insulated Concrete Wall Forms (ICFs) as an alternative.

The cost for ICF materials is minimal compared to the savings – not to mention the protection – that ICF block construction offers. Insulated Concrete Wall Forms offer superior strength against potential disasters and protection against energy loss, making them the choice material for sustainable architecture.

ICF block construction creates a strong and thermal-energy protective skeleton. This eliminates almost every possible gap, keeps interior air in, and exterior air out. That means you save on your energy bill while also reducing your ecological footprint. In addition to saving cash in energy usage, you will also save on your insurance premium.

Building with ICF blocks means added overall integrity and strength to your home or other green building. Though ICF block construction does not make your home or building disaster proof, ICF construction does make it disaster resistant. Disaster resistance means that a building can withstand higher winds, more water and more vibration. Tornadoes, high winds, floods and earthquakes are less likely to rip apart a home built with ICF blocks than with traditional wood frame construction, though it is not impossible.

Moreover, disaster resistance affords your insurance company a little peace of mind because their risk in insuring your home or building is much, much smaller. What does that mean for you? Simple. Lower risk for them means lower premium costs to you.

Insulated Concrete Wall Forms also have an unmatched sound-deadening, sound-absorbing capability that cannot be found in any other building material. Of course, you can purchase sound-deadening insulation materials, but you’ll be paying big bucks. Whereas with ICF block construction, your home will naturally be sound-proof. Just imagine watching a movie in peace while the neighbor is throwing a party. Enjoy silence from the exterior or blast your stereo without fear of upsetting the neighbors.

Insulated Concrete Wall Forms are LEED certified materials that boast the strength and longevity of a wholly concrete structure, paired with an energy-saving and sound-deadening ability that traditional construction cannot offer. Simply put, you can’t go wrong with ICF construction.

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