Rainwater Collection Systems for Eco Friendly Homes

Rainwater collection systems are often cool features of eco friendly homes.

Rainwater is a natural resource that is rarely harvested for use in and around the home. Instead, it seeps into the ground or flows down the sides of city streets, into a storm sewer where it becomes dirty and contaminated before flowing into lakes and streams. All the while, our homes are pumping and consuming thousands of gallons of water every year – and we pay for it!

Alternative Energy Construction doesn’t believe in wasting hard earned cash on a resource that is otherwise free. Instead, we suggest investing in rainwater collection systems to enhance the value of eco friendly homes, limit the amount of water you pay for, as well as the amount of water wasted in runoff. Investing in a rainwater collection system will save you money but it will also help protect our natural waterways.

Rainwater collection systems for eco friendly homes can provide water for a number of residential uses. If you love gardening, employ the benefits of a rainwater collection system, using it as an irrigation system above or even underground. Just connect the collection system to a network of pipes that allows the water to evenly cover your garden.

Even if you don’t have a garden, there are a number of other uses for rainwater collection systems in and around an eco friendly home. For example, route your rainwater collection system to your toilets and/or water heater. The average household flushes more than 3,000 gallons every year through toilets alone and even more is wasted in the shower. Though it is not recommended for rainwater collection systems to feed into your tap, or drinking water, rainwater collection systems can still serve your home in numerous ways. Using water-saving toilets, and/or Energy Star rated water heaters is an energy efficient and extremely moneywise investment.

Equipping eco friendly homes with rainwater collection systems is inexpensive and energy efficient. Rainwater collection systems can be a simple do-it-yourself weekend project, or a complex, professionally installed system, depending on your budget and know-how. Instead of pumping thousands of gallons into your home while watching the rainwater drain into storm sewers, utilize the gifts of Mother Nature and invest your hard earned money into a cash-saving, sustainable rainwater collection system.

To learn more about ways you transform your house into an eco friendly home, contact Alternative Energy Construction today.

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