ICF Block Construction vs. Wood Frame Construction: What’s the Difference?

ICF block construction and wood frame construction differ in many ways.

Are you building a home but unsure as to what the difference is between ICF block construction and wood frame construction? The materials you choose to build your home with are just as important as the finished product and choosing the right materials for your home can be an extremely confusing and taxing process. Alternative Energy Construction can alleviate some of that confusion for you by helping you determine the difference between ICF block construction and traditional wood frame construction.

Wood Frame Construction

Unlike ICF block construction, wood frame construction is what most construction companies and contractors call “traditional” construction. The pine studs that are used in wood frame construction are a cost-effective, durable, and sturdy building material. Wood frame construction is also a fairly quick way to build, eliminating some delivery, assembly, and erection time compared to other building materials.

Wood frame construction is easy to insulate, though it does not efficiently regulate temperature loss and gain, making for less energy efficient homes. Small gaps between the wooden studs and the insulation allow exterior air in and interior air out. So while you might save in material costs and your project might progress more quickly than other modes of construction, you may end up paying for it later in energy costs.

ICF Block Construction

ICF block construction or building with Insulated Concrete Wall Forms is a little more expensive than traditional, wood frame construction. However, the cost for ICF block construction materials is minimal compared to the savings that ICF block construction offers. ICF block construction is extremely sturdy, durable, and disaster-resistant, in addition to being highly energy efficient.

ICF block construction consists of a concrete frame sandwiched between two layers of insulating material. This design creates a strong and thermoenergy protective skeleton. ICF construction eliminates almost every possible gap, keeping interior air in, and exterior air out. Insulated concrete wall forms are the choice material for sustainable architecture as they are more efficient in temperature regulation.

Wood frame construction and ICF block construction both get the job done. If you are looking for a more inexpensive building material, wood frame construction is certainly an option. However, you cannot count on wood frame construction to be as efficient as eco friendly homes built with insulated concrete wall forms.

ICF block construction is a bit more of an investment, but it regulates temperature with ease, making it much more cost effective and energy efficient. Both options will provide a solid frame and a sturdy and beautiful home, but it’s up to you to decide which you prefer.

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