How to Get Your Construction Project LEED Certified

Follow these steps to a LEED Certified project.

We’ve talked about what it means to be LEED Certified before, but as a construction company or individual, what steps should you take to go about getting that certification for a particular project? The specific steps involving the U.S. Green Building Building Council (USGBC) vary based on the project type, but if you’re constructing a new building or doing a major renovation, follow the steps below to obtain the title of “LEED Certified.”

Registration and Documentation

The first step in getting your green building project LEED Certified is to register it online with the USGBC. Once you have created an account by filling out the registration form and submitting your payment, you can begin the documentation process. This includes listing your project team members, uploading the information and necessary documents on your project and reviewing any and all sustainable architecture components to make sure everything you submit is accurate.

You’ll want to make sure that your green building project meets all the minimum requirements to be LEED Certified. These requirements include meeting floor area and occupancy requirements, complying with environmental laws as well as being in line with LEED commercial project size requirements. You can review all that and more with the LEED Credit Library. All of this documentation and reviewing is in preparation for the next step: the application process.

Complete and Submit the Application

Once you’ve chosen the LEED design and construction credits of sustainable building that you’re going to pursue, fill out your application and have several eyes look it over before it is submitted. It’s vital that all the information and documents submitted in your application are correct and up to date. Your project will be thoroughly reviewed before it is certified. Building Design and Construction project members have the ability to choose what kind of review process they would like their project to undergo. Teams can either choose a standard review or a split review, which allows for the application to be submitted in two separate parts and reviewed once for construction credits and again for design credits before it is LEED Certified.

LEED Certified

Once your sustainable building project has been reviewed it will be assessed and assigned a certain number of points. LEED Certified projects can come in the following levels:

  • Certified: 40-49 points

  • Silver: 50-59 points

  • Gold: 60-79 points

  • Platinum: 80 or more points

The points awarded for each sustainable architecture project reviewed are based on the level of credits and requirements that are met and once certified, any construction company or individual is free to brag about their LEED Certified project.

With such an increase in the green building and the construction of eco friendly homes and sustainable buildings, it’s a great idea to get construction projects LEED Certified. Not only does it make your business look great, but it appeals to a variety of consumers.

For more information on getting LEED Certified, visit or call Alternative Energy Construction to find out how we use icf block construction and insulated concrete wall forms to build energy efficient homes.

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