4 Green Building Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Green building is commonly misunderstood.

Those who are unfamiliar with green building may hear a lot of rumors floating around about it that may not necessarily be true. Alternative Energy Construction is a construction company well versed in the ways of sustainable architecture and eco friendly homes, so we want to debunk some of those rumors for you so you can start to understand the serious benefits of sustainable building techniques. Here are just a few of the most common myths associated with green building.

Green building is more expensive than traditional construction.

This is simply a false statement that’s not based in truth. Of course, the cost of a green building project will vary based on its specifications, just as is with any construction project. While certain building materials such as insulated concrete wall forms or high-performance windows for eco friendly homes may cost more up front, the long-term savings in utility bills far outweigh the investment. For a quote on your project, contact Alternative Energy Construction today.

Green building is too complicated and confusing.

For anyone looking to build an energy efficient home, it’s important to understand that while the process of green building may be unfamiliar, to a construction company like Alternative Energy Construction, it’s all too familiar. Green building is still a relatively new thing but the technologies and systems put in place to make it work are well researched and developed. A LEED Certified construction company will make sure to thoroughly explain the construction process and the basics behind it so you understand why ICF block construction is being used and how the additional energy efficient materials used are going to benefit you as a homeowner or business owner in the long run.

Green buildings aren’t as visually appealing.

Whoever said green building results in ugly design hasn’t seen many of the amazing sustainable architecture designs that have been springing up all over the country. In many cases, you can’t even tell an eco friendly building from a traditional building and some may even argue that green buildings are MORE attractive than traditional ones. Some defining visual characteristics of a green building include native landscaping, plenty of windows and natural light and vegetated roofs. Many of the interior features of an eco friendly home or building are meant to have multiple uses or creatively maximize even the smallest of spaces.

Green buildings aren’t effective.

There are some out there who will argue that green building isn’t effective. Fortunately, energy efficient homes and buildings are ripe with evidence that sustainable building efforts do in fact make a difference in many areas of sustainable living. Aside from being built on strong solid foundations that can withstand harsh weather and the test of time, LEED Certified homes brag increased insulation (in turn, cutting utility bills in half), they are low maintenance and in many cases they can even qualify for tax credits from the government.

Green building is an industry that is rapidly growing so we can only expect the processes and products to grow and expand as its popularity increases. If you’d like more information on green building in or around Springfield, MO, contact Alternative Energy Construction today. We’d love to answer any questions you may have.

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