Benefits of Sustainable Architecture

Explore the many benefits of sustainable architecture.

The main goal of sustainable architecture is to minimize the negative impact of buildings on the environment by maximizing its energy efficiency, using building products such as insulated concrete wall forms and Helix, and most efficiently using the development space.

It’s obvious that the construction of eco friendly homes and LEED Certified buildings is gaining popularity, but what other motivation is there for business owners or a construction company to hop on the bandwagon and invest in marketing products like ICF block construction or green building?

Many consumers these days look for the words “energy efficient,” “eco friendly” and “green certified” on the products and services they buy and millennials especially, associate those words with a responsible and positive lifestyle. By investing in sustainable architecture, a construction company will not only gain consumers who prefer eco friendly services and products but it will also reap the many benefits associated with it.


One of the most awesome benefits of sustainable architecture is that sustainable buildings are made to last – even in the face of natural disasters. Disaster resistant building techniques and technologies bolster homes and commercial buildings with walls that can stand up to winds of more than 200 mph and a structurally sound foundation crafted with products that are impact resistant, flood resistant, fire resistant and earthquake resistant.

Energy Efficient

Sustainable architecture often involves ICF block construction, which uses insulated concrete wall forms to increase a structure’s energy efficiency by adding a strong layer of insulation. Insulated concrete forms can be molded to suit any thickness or height and are known to cut utility bills in half by keeping buildings and homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Owning an energy efficient home or commercial building doesn’t just save individuals and businesses money with decreased energy bills, but it also increases the overall value of the structure.

Less Maintenance

Another fantastic perk to sustainable architecture is the fact that it requires less maintenance. When construction companies use ICF block construction instead of products like wood, water damage, insect damage and rotting materials aren’t an issue anymore. Sustainable building has the benefit of lasting centuries instead of decades and the decrease in maintenance only lowers costs and increases value of such properties.

Eco Friendly

Construction companies like Alternative Energy Construction produce LEED Certified projects which guarantees those buildings or homes are prime examples of sustainable architecture, in that they create their own energy instead of just using it up. Eco friendly homes and buildings are great for the environment but they also provide monetary gains with tax credits available for energy efficient buildings.

Contact Alternative Energy Construction today to learn more about the benefits of sustainable architecture or to experience them yourself with the construction of an energy efficient home or building.

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