What is ICF Block Construction?

ICF Block Construction is a popular choice for green building construction companies.

ICF Block construction utilizes interlocking forms that are able to form walls, floors, and even roofs. The interlocking forms are set up in the formation desired, and then filled with a concrete mixture that includes rigid thermal insulation. Both the forms and the concrete stay in place to create the structure desired.

ICF block construction is energy efficient, allowing buildings to be sealed airtight, as well as creating the ultimate insulated wall or floor. Very little heat is allowed to escape from ICF block constructed walls. Traditionally built walls are up to 75% energy efficient, while ICF block construction walls are 94% energy efficient.

Energy efficiency isn’t the only reason ICF block construction is often favored as opposed to traditional methods used by construction companies for homes and businesses. ICF block construction is extremely durable. Building made from insulated concrete forms can stand up against tornado and hurricane force winds. Knowing this, it’s not surprising to note that ICF block constructed buildings are estimated to be able to last at least up to 1000 years with minimum maintenance required. No need to reinsulate, change siding, repair damage from rodents, or perform any of the other routine maintenance jobs required of traditionally built homes and businesses.

ICF block construction is also virtually fireproof. With concrete as your main building material, rather than wood or fibrous insulation, buildings created via ICF block construction are difficult to burn down - even if you were attempting to do so. The chance of accidental fire damage is even less for an ICF block constructed building.

If you’re looking to pursue a green building project, insulated concrete forms are a type of building material that can help you to to receive the LEED certification you’re hoping to receive for your home or office building. LEED certified buildings are buildings that meet government standards for green building and the certification comes in different levels based on how energy efficient and eco-friendly a building is considered to be.

Construction companies can also be LEED certified - in that they are certified by the government to be able to create LEED certified homes. Alternative Energy Construction is one such business. If looking to build a new green building, or revamp an existing building to make it more energy efficient, Alternative Energy Construction is here for all of your ICF block construction and energy efficient building needs.

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