Amazing Designs for Eco Friendly Homes

Think you’ve seen it all? These eco friendly homes are definitely not the norm.

Eco friendly homes are becoming the norm these days, however there are still a few crazy homes out there created to showcase green building features. Below are a few examples of crazy eco-friendly homes.

Tiny Homes

Boasting their own HGTV show, Tiny Homes are quite the trend. Encouraging people to downsize drastically and live with only the space they really need, it’s easy to see how tiny homes can be eco-friendly. Because they are so small, they are clearly using less material in order to be built. Tiny homes as small as 2.6m cubed are popping up all over the place, often built to house more than just one person! Tiny living is the new craze in eco friendly homes and has increased the popularity of the idea of lessening your carbon footprint.

Hobbit Houses

Hobbit houses, named for the hobbit homes depicted in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, are also gaining popularity. These are often eco friendly homes that are often dug into hillsides, where the stone and earth surrounding the home helps to insulate it. The stone and dirt dug out of the hillside is used to help create retaining walls and shape for the structure. Hobbit houses really give construction companies and individuals the opportunity to create a low impact home and live off of the land. One hobbit home even has a refrigerator cooled entirely by cool air from the ground.


The Eco-Pod, created from a shipping container is a truly intriguing version of eco friendly homes. Every aspect of these homes are made from recycled materials, from the structure itself (an old shipping container), to floors made from recycled rubber tires. The homes can open open up to create decks or even feature foldable walls for additional hidden space.

While eco friendly homes grow in popularity, so do their more extreme counterparts. If you’re interesting in sustainable building for your home, the question you must ask yourself is what are you willing to give up in order to have an eco friendly home? Can you get rid of the majority of your belongings and move to a tiny house? Could you spend your days in a house surrounded by dirt and heated by a wood stove like a hobbit? Most people would respond no, however that’s why companies like Alternative Energy Construction exist. Eco friendly homes are not only for those willing to sacrifice, but also for those who want to positively impact the environment with the design of their homes.

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