A Guide to Eco-Friendly Homes

Modern eco friendly homes come in many different forms.

While Tiny Houses, green roofs, and futuristic looking homes seem to be all the rage as far as eco-friendly homes go, the option to build an eco-friendly home is open to those with more traditional tastes as well. Alternative Energy Construction can provide anyone with materials to construct a sustainable home.

Alternative Energy Construction provides ThermoForm and TransForm insulated concrete wall forms for use in building both residential and commercial buildings. These insulated concrete forms are built to be installed vertically, making the forms less likely to shift and crack than other insulated concrete forms that are installed horizontally. This reduces maintenance needed on buildings created with these forms over time. It also makes the buildings more energy efficient, with fewer cracks to let warm air out during the winter or in during the summer.

The insulation that surrounds the concrete is perhaps the most important eco-friendly feature found in Alternative Energy Construction’s eco-friendly homes. It can take up to 23 hours for the temperature within one of Alternative Energy Construction’s eco-friendly homes to change by 1 degree. In traditionally built houses, approximately 25% of heating or cooling energy is lost simply through the walls, whereas homes built by Alternative Energy Construction are said to be 94% efficient regarding the energy lost via heating and cooling the space.

Built with few non-renewable resources, ThermoForm insulated concrete forms are a great “green” building material to use for your new home. Because of the durability of these forms (fire, flood, tornado, and hurricane resistant!) your home will be around for many years to come. Increased durability in these building materials means that you’ll have fewer repairs to face down the line.

Many homeowners and contractors are very happy with the results they’ve received using building materials provided by Alternative Energy Construction. Check out the testimonials to see pictures of finished homes that have been built with materials from Alternative Energy Construction. These gorgeous homes look nothing like the futuristic eco-friendly homes often featured on TV shows - but rather emulate the look of traditional looking homes.

An energy efficient estate is being built near Springfield in Christian County. The Pensmore Estate looks more like a castle than a traditional home. With the rise of the eco-friendly tiny homes, one might never imagine that a home so large could be eco-friendly, but by using ThermoForm insulated concrete forms and many other creative solutions to save energy, the Pensmore Estate will be an eco-friendly house built to stand the test of time!

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