Tornado Resistant Buildings for the Midwest

We use strong materials to build tornado resistant buildings.

Alternative Energy Construction LLC is committed to providing eco-friendly building materials to Southwest Missouri and beyond. The materials offered by Alternative Energy construction aren’t just eco-friendly, they’re also built to help solve problems that people face locally in Southwest Missouri and the surrounding regions. Three products specifically are designed in a way that makes the buildings constructed with them more tornado resistant than buildings created with traditional building materials.

TransForm Insulated Concrete Forms

TransForm insulated concrete wall forms are an environmentally friendly option that can be used to build commercial buildings that are truly weather resistant and built to last. These concrete forms have been tested and are durable in winds up to 200 mph. This means that buildings built with this material are tornado resistant up to EF4 force tornadoes!

Walls created by TransForm make for a very energy efficient building. The form is filled with concrete with is insulated on either side by thee walls of the form. This insulation allows your building to stay warm or cool using less energy than it would were it created with traditional building materials.

ThermoForm Insulated Concrete Forms

ThermoForm Insulated Concrete Wall Forms are also a great option for an energy efficient building material. ThermoForm is more suitable for homes than the TransForm insulated concrete forms which are specialized for commercial buildings. ThermoForm is a great building material to use when building a home anywhere in the midwest - or even the coast. ThermoForm insulated concrete forms are also built to withstand 200 mph winds - making your home tornado resistant. When building a home in an area where natural disasters are prevalent, building with ThermoForm is a great way to protect your real estate investment from unforeseen disasters.

ThermoForm and TransForm are both also hurricane resistant, making them a great material for homes and businesses located on the Gulf Coast. ThermoForm is built in the same way that TransForm insulated concrete forms are - using insulation on either side of the poured concrete in order to insulate your building. Homes built with ThermoForm are energy efficient as well. You’ll both lower your utility bill and lower your home’s impact on the environment.


A micro-rebar, this material is not only eco-friendly, but also adds to the durability of any building it is used in. Compared to traditional concrete poured walls, walls created with Helix are considered to be 40-50% more durable. Adding Helix to the construction materials used in your home or commercial building will not harm the environment and will create a more tornado resistant for you, and your family or customers and employees.

Tornado resistant buildings are important in Southwest Missouri and the surrounding areas. Luckily Alternative Energy Construction can help to protect your building from natural disasters and the elements while still being energy efficient and - in the long run - cost effective.

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