Quick Tips for a More Eco Friendly Home

Follow these steps for an eco friendly home.

Many people strive to be more “eco-friendly” in their daily lives, recycling, using reusable water bottles, using less water - the list can go on and on. Many people want to know what quick and cheap methods they can use to create a more eco friendly home. Here are a few ways to help the environment with your home.

Turn off Lights

This one is a no-brainer of course. However, many people don’t think to turn off lights in the room they are currently using. Is the extra light necessary? Are there windows you could uncover to let in natural light instead? Of course it’s important to turn off the lights when you leave a room but to truly become an eco friendly home and family, also consider whether they need to be turned on in the first place.

Switch Your Bulbs!

Next time you buy lightbulbs, go with a fluorescent or even LED light bulb. Many people find fluorescent lighting undesirable, however many of the issues have with fluorescent lighting are fixed by switching to energy efficient LED bulbs. LED bulbs are a bit more expensive but a great addition to an eco friendly home. And fluorescent bulbs have come a long way from the flickering lights in your school cafeteria!

Switch Your Water Heater to the Warm Setting

The water in your water heater tank doesn’t need to be near boiling all the time in order to provide hot water. The warm setting is enough for most households. If you find yourself running out of hot water with your water heater on the warm setting, consider tracking your water usage to see where you might be able to cut down on the use of your hot water.

Install a Programmable Thermostat - and Use it!

Programmable thermostats are a great way to save energy in an eco friendly home, especially when used correctly. Program your thermostat to be warmer in the summer when you’re not home, and of course cooler in the winter at the same time. Many suggest reducing the temperature in the evening while you sleep during the winter, both to save on energy bills and to create a more comfortable sleeping environment.

Keep Air and Furnace Filters Clean

Keeping filters for your air conditioner and your furnace clean can help these machines to run more efficiently. New filters are relatively cheap and incredibly easy to change, making this one of the easiest ways to convert to having an eco friendly home.

Plant Trees

While perhaps not the quickest way to create a more eco friendly home, planting trees on the east, west, and south of a home can help to shade the home and prevent excess heat in the summer.

While many of these may seem like common knowledge, they can save you big money on heating and cooling for your home consistently. Don’t take our word for it, start using these techniques today and see how much money your new eco friendly home will save you on heating and cooling costs!

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